Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hand knit ,WOOL soakers and longies....

These are beautiful,handcrafted soakers/longies made by our Grandmother.She is a stay at home grandma and does fantastic work for a *very* afordable price! She loves what she does and wants to offer her things at a price people can afford! Custom made! Choose from what is in stock or email us at for photos of yarn samples!

Hand knit wook soakers $20.00

Hand knit wool longies $35.00

Do you make organic diapers?


We do make diapers made out of organic fabric.The price is $4.00 extra PER diaper.THis may sound like ALOT and it *is*.Unfortunately,organic fabric is unbelievably expensive so we can't help the high price.The organic diapers *are* beautiful and of the highest quality.Luxurious softness is what you get when buying organic!