Monday, December 22, 2008

How many diapers and covers do I need?

How many diapers you should get depends on your preference really.A good amount to have is two dozen but you don’t *need* to have that many.You could get by with a dozen if you washed every day.Two dozen would allow you to wash every couple of days instead which is much nicer.


It is nice to have *atleast* 6-8 covers.You don’t change the cover with every diaper change so you don’t need near as many covers as you do diapers.We personally use a mixture of nylon/wool/fleece..

A really good “stash” would be…

2 dozen diapers
1 dozen extra lay in soakers
6 nylon covers
2 wool covers
2 fleece covers

It makes cloth diapering really nice to have all of the above but you can definitely get away with less!

How long will my diapers/covers last?

There is no guarantee how long your diapers will last…..If taken care of well,our regular(new) diapers should easily last through two children(and possibly more!).The recycled diapers will *probably* not have as long a life as the new diapers but should easily last through one child and again,depending on the care,they very well may last through 2!

Is it really less expensive to cloth diaper?

Is it really less expensive to cloth diaper?

Some people are put off by the seemingly expensive price of cloth diapers.They range from $6.00 to $30.00 PER diaper. Disposable diapers range from (aprox)..17 - .25(cents) PER diaper. A baby will need about 6,000 diapers in the first two years of his life with an average of 8 changes per day over a 2 year time period. With these calculations let’s assume a baby will need 60 diapers a week.

60x.25 = $15.00 a week= $60.00 a month=$720.00 a year to diaper an average child.That is a total of $1,440.00 to diaper a child with disposable diapers IF the child is out of diapers by two years old.If he does not potty train until three it would be $2,160.00.

You can cloth diaper a baby for much,much less than this…It depends on what kind of diapers you use and how many you want in your “stash” but even if you go with the most expensive choice you are still paying MUCH less than you would be with disposables.Cloth can also be used for more than one child!If you don’t have a need for that, then when your baby grows out of a size you can bring them to us and receive credit toward the next size.The amount of credit you receive depends on the condition of the diaper but a 50% trade in value is typical. The used diapers will then be sold to another Mamma at the “used” price.We make no profit on the trade ins.We resell them for the same price that we gave for them. We do this to help make our cloth diapers as affordable as we can…..

Contact us for more info about our trading program!

All about our trading program......

What is the trading program for/about?

Our trading program is for trading in diapers that your baby has outgrown for the next size up.

You may want to use this program if you will not need your diapers for future children or if you just don’t want to spend much money.

How does it work? It is pretty simple.You start out with the smallest size diaper that you will need.You buy everything that you need only for that size.When your baby outgrows that size you bring( or mail) your diapers to us and you trade them for credit towards the next size.The amount of credit you receive depends on the condition of the diaper but a 50% credit is typical.SO, if you had originally bought 12,regular, newborn diapers you would have payed $132.00.You bring them back to us and they are in good shape and you would receive $66.00 to put towards your next size!

**We do not trade in recycled or”Dusty’s” hand knit products**

Why won’t you trade in recycled products?

We don’t trade in recycled products because they have already been *recycled* and probably will not have as long a life as our new/regular products.

What do you do with the diapers that are traded?

The diapers will be resold to another Mamma looking for a discount at the “used” price.We make no profit.If we gave you gave you a 50% credit we resell them for 50% of the original price.We offer this program to make our diapers as affordable as we can!/

Recycled diapers......

Why are the recycled diapers/covers so inexpensive?

Our “regular”(new) diapers and covers are very reasonably priced in comparison to your average fitted cloth diaper out there yet for some people,they still just can’t afford the initial cost so we decided to carry “recycled” diapers.

We use recycled clothing to make these great diapers and covers.Since this is much less expensive then buying new fabric we are able to sell them at a much lower price.We want to be able to provide diapers to all different kinds of people.If you are a believe in “organic” we can provide that for you.If you don’t need or want an organic diaper we have our “regular” diapers.Wonderful,high quality diapers without the extra expense of organic fabric.If you really don’t have the money or just don’t *want* to spend the money on our regular diapers then recycled diapers are for you! You can’t beat the price and they are really great diapers/covers!

Do you offer any specials on your recycled products?


This is rock bottom price for cloth products and we really can’t afford to take any more cuts.A search on the internet for fitted cloth diaper companies will enlighten you on the average cloth diaper price if you are not familiar with them! Our recycled price is probably the lowest priced,high quality diaper that you will find.

Our prices

Our prices………
Our regular diapers are made from a
wide variety of soft,high quality fabric….
Newborn/Small $12.00
Medium/Large $14.00
We do carry “natural” diapers made
with organic fabric. Add $4.00 extra
per diaper…..

Made with recycled fabric yet still a
wonderful diaper!
Newborn/Small $7.00
Medium/Large $ 8.00

All diapers come with a sewn in or
lay in soaker.Additional soakers are:
$2.00 (regular/new)
$1.00 (recycled)

Diaper covers…
Fleece cover $14.00
Recycled fleece cover/ longies $10.00
Recycled wool covers/longies $12.00
Dappi nylon covers $ 3.50
Hand knit wool soakers $20.00
Hand knit wool longies $35.00
Breast pads $3.00 a set(2)
Baby wipes $2.00 each
Our Specials!
Buy 11 regular or natural diapers
and receive the 12th one free!

Gift bag….Buy 6 regular or natural
diapers and receive a darling hand
crocheted bag made by “Dusty”.

Ask us about our trade in program!Trade
your diapers in for the next size and save
up to 50%!