Monday, December 22, 2008

Recycled diapers......

Why are the recycled diapers/covers so inexpensive?

Our “regular”(new) diapers and covers are very reasonably priced in comparison to your average fitted cloth diaper out there yet for some people,they still just can’t afford the initial cost so we decided to carry “recycled” diapers.

We use recycled clothing to make these great diapers and covers.Since this is much less expensive then buying new fabric we are able to sell them at a much lower price.We want to be able to provide diapers to all different kinds of people.If you are a believe in “organic” we can provide that for you.If you don’t need or want an organic diaper we have our “regular” diapers.Wonderful,high quality diapers without the extra expense of organic fabric.If you really don’t have the money or just don’t *want* to spend the money on our regular diapers then recycled diapers are for you! You can’t beat the price and they are really great diapers/covers!

Do you offer any specials on your recycled products?


This is rock bottom price for cloth products and we really can’t afford to take any more cuts.A search on the internet for fitted cloth diaper companies will enlighten you on the average cloth diaper price if you are not familiar with them! Our recycled price is probably the lowest priced,high quality diaper that you will find.

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