Monday, December 22, 2008

All about our trading program......

What is the trading program for/about?

Our trading program is for trading in diapers that your baby has outgrown for the next size up.

You may want to use this program if you will not need your diapers for future children or if you just don’t want to spend much money.

How does it work? It is pretty simple.You start out with the smallest size diaper that you will need.You buy everything that you need only for that size.When your baby outgrows that size you bring( or mail) your diapers to us and you trade them for credit towards the next size.The amount of credit you receive depends on the condition of the diaper but a 50% credit is typical.SO, if you had originally bought 12,regular, newborn diapers you would have payed $132.00.You bring them back to us and they are in good shape and you would receive $66.00 to put towards your next size!

**We do not trade in recycled or”Dusty’s” hand knit products**

Why won’t you trade in recycled products?

We don’t trade in recycled products because they have already been *recycled* and probably will not have as long a life as our new/regular products.

What do you do with the diapers that are traded?

The diapers will be resold to another Mamma looking for a discount at the “used” price.We make no profit.If we gave you gave you a 50% credit we resell them for 50% of the original price.We offer this program to make our diapers as affordable as we can!/

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