Saturday, October 18, 2008

Caring for your cloth......

What we do ......
We use a DRY pail.No soaking….Wet diapers go
straight into the pail.Dirty diapers are shaken or
rinsed into the toilet before going into the pail if
necessary.(Breastmilk bm’s do not need rinsed!)
Washing day….
All diapers into the washer.Prewash with no
soap.(This replaces the soaking step).Next,
wash your diapers WITH soap on HOT and
add an extra rinse.That’s it!We sometimes use
vinegar in the final rinse as a natural fabric softener.
Never use commercial softener on your diapers.It coats
them and reduces their absorbency greatly.A couple
drops of essential oil in your wash smells wonderful!
Fleece and nylon covers can be washed with your
diapers.They can be dried together also (we do!)
but if dried in the dryer it will shorten the life of your
nylon and the fleece will gather balls of lint off of your
diapers.(doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t *look* as good J )
Wool sounds more complicated to care for but
it really is not!(We *love* wool!) Your wool covers
do not need to be washed when wet.Just hang dry
and then reuse. If they get dirty usually you can
just spot clean them with a mild soap and then hang
dry. They will need re-lanolized from time to time.
Put ¼ tsp of lanolin in a cup along with a couple
drops of dish soap and a cup of warm water.Mix until
lanolin dissolves and then pour into a pail and add a
gallon of lukewarm water.Soak your wool for 15 min.
Roll up in a towel to remove water (do not ring) and
then hang dry.Do not dry wool in the dryer!
~Front loaders are not our choice for washing cloth
diapers however it CAN be done. The problem is that a
load of absorbent diapers absorbs most of the wash
water! Add a few extra gallons of water into your
front loader when washing diapers to solve this problem!
~Line drying will increase the life of your diapers and
covers.The sunshine is wonderful for disinfecting AND
removing stains!
~Occasional bleaching is ok but bleach is hard on
diapers so use it very sparingly if ever.
We are *always* glad to answer any additional
questions you might have! Call anytime….
Enjoy your babies!They grow so fast…….

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