Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lady liners

Lady liners….

Why cloth for Mamma?

Cloth pads are not only more comfortable they
are also a healthier alternative to disposable
pads.No harmful chemical just soft,natural,
fabric against your skin.Many women are
switching to a more natural choice so why not
try a few to see for yourself!?


*Roughly 12 billion sanitary pads are land filled
or incinerated in the US each year.

*Manufactures of pads are not legally required
to list ingredients used in making the products we
wear next to our most vulnerable parts.

*A woman will throw away 10,000 feminine
products in her lifetime.

*Women can spend over $3,000.00 in a lifetime
on disposable feminine products.

*A woman who chooses cloth will spend $2.52 per
month or less on reusable pads.

Our prices…….
Small (6 ½” x 2 ½” ) $3.00
Medium (8 ½” x 3”) $ 3.50
Large (10” x 3” ) $4.00
X-Large (11”x3 ½”) $5.00

*All lady liners have wings that snap.We can
custom make them without wings if requested.
Measurments above are with the liners snapped
and closed.*


Buy any six of the same size and the 6th one is on us!
You pay for only 5…….OR
2 small-2 medium-2 large for $17.00
2 medium-2 large-2 X-large for $22.00

Washing instructions:

Everyone has their own washing style.Some soak,
some DON’T. Either way is fine.When you are
ready to wash,do a cold rinse followed by a hot
wash.A few drops of tea tree oil added in your
soaking/washing water will help to sanitize and
prevent staining.We recommend an extra rinse to
make sure all soap is removed.


If you use cloth for Mamma AND Baby wash
them together and save time,money,water AND
energy! Thank you!

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