Friday, October 24, 2008

How many diapers and covers do I need?

How many diapers you should get depends on your preference really.A good amount to have is two dozen but you don’t *need* to have that many.You could get by with a dozen if you washed every day.Two dozen would allow you to wash every couple of days instead which is much nicer.


It is nice to have *atleast* 6-8 covers.You don’t change the cover with every diaper change so you don’t need near as many covers as you do diapers.We personally use a mixture of nylon/wool/fleece..

A really good “stash” would be…

2 dozen diapers
1 dozen extra lay in soakers
6 nylon covers
2 wool covers
2 fleece covers

It makes cloth diapering really nice to have all of the above but you can definitely get away with less!

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