Friday, October 24, 2008

What kind of diaper cover should I choose?

We carrry three different kinds of diaper covers.


Nylon is the easiest,least expensive choice and it works great.These covers can be washed and dried right with your diapers and hold up for a long time.The downside is that they aren't not a natural fiber,they do not allow air circulation like wool does and they aren't as comfy feeling as wool/fleece,

Wool is the most expensive choice but also the best!They do not need to be washed when they are only wet as they have are naturally antibacterial and do not retain odors.Just hang dry and then reuse.If they get "dirty" you only need to spot wash the dirty spots and then hang dry.Washing the whole cover is only necessary every month or two or if they start looking dingy.They are WONDERFUL for preventing leaks and are the best for your baby's skin because they are breathable.They are also SO comfy and adorable!Think you are allergic to wool? Think that wool will be uncomfortable for your baby?Itchy?Please see "I would never use wool!" The downside of wool? Most cannot be washed and dried with your diapers.They should be hand washed and hung or layed flat to dry.They also need re-lanolized every couple of months (depending on how often you have washed them).This is a very easy process that consists of mixing a 1/4 tsp of lanolin in some water with a few drops of dishsoap and soaking your cover for about 15 minutes.Thats it.This is what makes wool "water resistant".The natural lanolin content.Because of washing,it eventually gets stripped out and so we need to re-lanolize.

Fleece works alot like wool except it is not a natural fiber, so of course is not as good! :)It is a little less expensive and makes a great cover. Unlike wool covers, fleece covers can be washed and dried with your diapers.(They can retain odors because they don't have wool's wonderful antibacterial properties.)They are comfy,cute and easy to use!

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